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  • To build good image of Pakistan, National Language and Muslims all over the world.
  • To build Enterpreneurship skills in youth so Pakistan will have a rich industrial setup in near future and consequently opportunities for employments for youth be possible.
  • To share responsibility with government to reduce unemployment and creating jobs.
    To Promote local industries by promoting their goods and services in Pakistan and Abroad.
  • To provide quality Human resource to industry locally and internationally.
  • To build a paperless culture in business and workstations by introducting information technology
  • To conduct research oiented exercises which help our Businessmen, Academician, Scholars, Policy makers and parliamentarians.
  • To develop market of local product of Pakistan abroad and penetrate in international market and increase international market share of Pakistan.
  • To make human resource who change status of the country and inculcate ability in youth to meet challenges of globalization.
  • To develop a databank as a respositories of important resource materials, including areas of collaboration between Pakistan and the countries of its focus.
  • To educate interest free banking, insurance and Finance.
  • To take up studies in the educational policies existing in the countries of its focus and play a major role in encouraging setting up of Pakistan Study centers aborad. Learn More

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